Chancellor Juan Salgado

Keynote Speaker for Chicago Hub Convening

Meet Our Distinguished Keynote Speaker, Chancellor Juan Salgado

Join us at the 50K Coalition’s Chicago Area Hub Convening for Community College-to-Engineering Pathways as we welcome an extraordinary leader, Juan Salgado, Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago and a renowned MacArthur Fellow.

About Chancellor Juan Salgado:

A Champion for Equitable Education: Chancellor Salgado has dedicated his career to improving education and economic opportunities for residents in low-income communities. His leadership has led to transformative change in the landscape of higher education.

Transforming Lives Through Education: As the CEO of Instituto del Progreso Latino, Chancellor Salgado empowered individuals through education, citizenship, and skill-building programs. His commitment to sustainable employment and economic stability has positively impacted countless lives.

Leading Chicago’s Community College System: As Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago, he oversees a system serving over 60,000 students, focusing on inclusivity. A remarkable 75% of these students are Black and Latinx, reflecting his dedication to equity in education.

Pioneering Initiatives: Under his visionary leadership, City Colleges of Chicago has achieved record graduation rates, initiated groundbreaking partnerships with Chicago Public Schools, launched Fresh Start, a pioneering debt forgiveness program, and transformed campus facilities to foster an inclusive learning environment.

A Story of Success: Chancellor Salgado’s journey from a Morraine Valley Community College graduate to earning a master’s degree in urban planning inspires us all. He epitomizes the transformative power of education.

National Recognition: Chancellor Salgado’s work earned him a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 2015. His influence extends beyond Chicago, with civic commitments including serving on the board of the Obama Foundation and as a Class C Director for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He is also a valued 50K Coalition’s Advisory Board member.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Chancellor Juan Salgado’s insights and join us in our mission to create equitable pathways in engineering education. Register now to secure your spot at the Chicago Hub Convening!

Event Date: Friday, December 1, 2023
Location: Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL

Chancellor Salgado’s presence promises to inspire and guide us in pursuing diversity and inclusion in engineering education. Be part of this transformative experience!